About Us

We stand for a world where everyone can strive to be the version of themselves they want to be.

Our Mission

We empower you to do it your way!

B&T Entertainment

Our mission is to create equal opportunities for women and queer people. We seek to create an open-minded, comfortable, and inviting environment to grow and work.

We want to provide a full set of services in order to promote a work environment that supports women and queer people, musicians, writers and many more to flourish. Therefore, the use of inclusive language is indispensable so please respect the guidelines we put together for Kahina Studios.

Kahina Studios

To reach our goals, B&T Entertainment has built the Kahina Studios. It’s aim is to promote woman and queer people in the music industry. Located in Urdorf, Zurich, it offers a place for artists to be who they are and do what they love, which is supported by the way the studio is designed. Made of four rooms, the artists get to set the vibe with lighting and can pick whatever instruments they would like to play. We encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with the studio guidelines before booking with us.

Our Team

Johanna Hüsgen

Co-Founder, Pronouns: She/Her

Johanna grew up in Zurich and starts her master’s in Applied Linguistics with the specialization in Professional Translation and Barrier-free Communication.

In the past few years, she has been organising numerous scout camps and events for children with disabilities. 

Back in 2018, she started to work with Sara and wrote her press releases. Ever since Johanna took an important role in all projects and in 2020 she co-founded B&T Entertainment. She is currently taking care of prospective projects and the administration for Kahina Studios.

Sara started from an early age on to tackle down on structural problems she faced. -Whether it was in education or in opportunities or in life general. She has always During her term as the representative of her former high school, she and her physics teacher introduced robotics as an optional subject and worked on solutions for students who were limited in focusing on their education due to exterior reasons. Before her music studies at CalArts, she worked with Johanna at Julius Bär as a tax specialist. Due to the pandemic, she didn’t return to the US and took her GE- classes in physics in Zurich. In 2020, she transferred to the electrical engineering program at ETH.

Sara Brown

Co-Founder, Pronouns: She/Her

Thank you!

“Only if you try to do the impossible, you’ll discover what’s possible”
– Sara Brown